Riehmers Hofgarten

A unique cultural monument and high quality living in the heart of Berlin

Berlin is unique. In recent years, few cities have drawn such fascination from all over the world as the metropolis on the Spree. Berlin has changed rapidly from a divided city to a melting pot for all the world’s cultures. Ever more people are pouring into the capital and the desire for places of retreat, where they can recover from the liveliness of the metropolis, is increasing day-on-day. With this in mind, renovation and expansion has brought the venerable 19th century Riehmers Hofgarten back to life with renewed splendour. Once a sophisticated residential ensemble for the turn-of-the-century bourgeoisie, making your home in the complex is now perhaps the most beautiful and refined way to live in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Classic buildings and luxurious penthouse apartments in Kreuzberg

Nestled between Yorckstraße, Grossbeerenstraße and Hagelberger Straße, in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg, is Riehmers Hofgarten, one of the most sought-after properties in the inner city area. A historically demanding renovation has lent a new lease of life to a large part of the extensive complex. The Grossbeerenstraße entrance now allows you access not only to the beautiful older buildings from the original development, but also to five new, luxurious penthouse apartments, which are ideally suited to the existing architectural image. Riehmers Hofgarten is home to rented apartments in the older buildings that are available as investments, and meticulously and elaborately renovated empty apartments of various sizes and commercial units. All apartments have access to the magnificent courtyard garden and guarantee every resident both a pleasant sense of privacy and soothing peace and quiet, while also being ideally located in the heart of the trendy Kreuzberg district.

Buy exquisite apartments in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Berlin is truly alive – by day and by night. Especially in the inner city districts, there are countless possibilities for enjoying life to the full. This is not least the case for Kreuzberg, which is also ideally located in terms of transport connections. In the midst of this trendy district, Riehmers Hofgarten offers an opportunity to live in a central, yet quiet and sheltered environment. The rich and libertarian cultural life of Berlin-Kreuzberg is to be found right outside the gates of the peaceful and idyllic Hofgarten complex. It is only a few minutes’ walk to your favourite restaurant, or the nearest theatre or cinema. Victoria Park with Berlin's only waterfall, the famous Landwehr Canal or the extensive Tempelhofer Feld are also not far away. The elegant residential ensemble is only a few minutes' drive away from the tourist hotspots in Mitte and Tiergarten, such as the Potsdamer Platz or the Brandenburg Gate. To the east, Friedrichshain is also no great distance, where its urban subculture and lively city history along the former border are a real draw for visitors. There can be no more central and exclusive place to live in Berlin than Riehmers Hofgarten.