Cultural Heritage

Rare and Precious

A building cluster that stands out from the standard architecture of its day and age – this was the idea of master builder Riehmer, which he implemented brilliantly. In the age of industrialisation, housing in this area tended to take the form of densely built tenements. Riehmer rejected the concept, aiming for high-end quality of living instead and designing a complex buildings with a private street and generous garden sections in between. The result was a quiet, green idyll in the middle of the city.


Art and culture represent the things that elevate us and enhance our day-to-day lives. The same was true in 1881, when Wilhelm Riehmer planned Riehmers Hofgarten withits magnificent portals, many artisanal elements, glamorous bourgeois flats and the courtyard garden that inspired the name of the quarter. To this day, the place is a gem – for those who love the arts and who wish to live their dream of a modern urban life in a unique urban sanctuary. An inhabitable cultural artefact. Rare, precious, authentic. A cultural heritage.

Oasis of Tranquillity.

A Monument to Upscale Living.

  • Located between Yorckstrasse, Grossbeerenstrasse and Hagelberger Strasse
  • Built from 1881 to 1898
  • Listed since 1953
  • 3 passageways into the courtyard with its private street
  • Quiet, large and leafy garden complex
  • One of the most important buildings in Berlin
  • Renovated old building
  • Rented old building
  • Attic
  • Commercial below

Renovated classic buildings

Riehmers Hofgarten – a unique architectural treasure in the middle of Kreuzberg

In the middle of the cultural hotspot that is Kreuzberg, Riehmers Hofgarten offers genuine, lovingly-renovated architectural treasures. Residents of this ensemble get to live in a tradition-rich piece of Berlin’s city history and in one of the most elegant and sophisticated properties Berlin has to offer. A truly unique opportunity.

The apartments have very individual layouts. While always keeping the historical models in mind, the renowned architect Fabian Freytag also chose to optimise the floor plans of some units. The magnificent stucco and the Art Nouveau door fittings have been reconstructed or restored to exact historical standards. In the course of the renovation, magnificent new baths made of natural stone and selected accessories were created as custom-made products.

A historic cultural monument with renewed splendour

At the end of the 19th century, a residential ensemble was created in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which was far ahead of its time. At this time, when Berlin's construction activities were mainly focussed on tenement blocks, Wilhelm Riehmer created an oasis of calm and comfort in the form of Riehmers Hofgarten, which bears his name to this day. With its generous sense of space and its own parking facility in an enclosed interior, Riehmers Hofgarten is now rightly regarded as both a pioneering project and a model for modern residential complexes. What was true then, is no less true today. The apartments in Riehmers Hofgarten are both a prestigious refuge for their residents and a tranquil place for retreat.

Living in the old building apartments in Riehmers Hofgarten

The historical property in the heart of Kreuzberg consists of apartments of various sizes in the older buildings, many of which have been painstakingly renovated in accordance with historical models. The collaboration between monument conservationists, restorers and architects has created an atmosphere, especially in the interior of the apartments, which is characterised by careful historical detail work and a new sense of naturalness. Elements traditionally found in older building apartments such as stucco, parquet flooring, wooden windows and French doors exude renewed splendour following their elaborate renovation. The residents are also spoiled by lovingly restored façades and external facilities as well as a fairy-tale courtyard garden. Living in this style icon from the Wilhelmine era is a dream come true.

That's why you should buy an exquisitely renovated old building apartment in Berlin

Elegant jewels such as Riehmers Hofgarten are unique and offer a historic and unique opportunity for upmarket living in a central location. You can really feel the uniqueness of Riehmers Hofgarten’s location and the aura created by the historical reconstruction of the exterior and interior areas. In addition to the attention to historical detail paid during the renovation, lifts and modern intercom systems further enhance the level of comfort. We would be happy to provide you with further information.

Rental properties in a classic building

Riehmers Hofgarten – a listed architectural classic in the heart of Kreuzberg

Due to its prime location and the unique nature of this piece of cultural heritage, Riehmers Hofgarten is probably one of the best investment opportunities in the city. An apartment in this ensemble represents an investment in one of the most elegant and sophisticated properties Berlin has to offer. A unique and rare opportunity in part of Berlin's city history. The generously proportioned apartments are highly sought-after classics, the prices of which have been rising for years. Traditional elements associated with old-style apartments such as the high ceilings, stucco, parquet flooring and large French doors create a unique atmosphere, which means that around half of all Germans live, or would like to live, in older buildings. Riehmers Hofgarten also offers a unique urban retreat in the centre of Kreuzberg’s big city hustle and bustle. An investment in this residential ensemble is a "historic" opportunity with a highly attractive outlook.

Magnificent buildings for the wealthy middle class

At the end of 19th century, at a time when Berlin's construction activities were mainly focussed on tenement blocks, Wilhelm Riehmer created a masterpiece of residential culture in the form of Riehmers Hofgarten, which bears his name to this day. He implemented his vision of light and greenery in the residential environment and sought to replace the dingy backhouses and tiny courtyards found elsewhere in the city. He displayed remarkable tenacity and had to campaign with the authorities and the courts to gain the right to realise his dream and life's work. Sophisticated apartments with three or more rooms in the midst of an ensemble, which is separated from the surrounding area by its own courtyard garden and private streets, fulfilled the demand for upmarket living and attracted the affluent middle classes. Today, in the confines of the growing metropolis, this desire for quality, greenery and retreat remains unchanged. The high-end and culturally designed residential quality offered by Riehmers Hofgarten is unique and highly sought after.

An investment in quality of life

The boom of recent years has drawn the attention of a large number of domestic and international investors to Berlin. In Europe, Berlin currently lies in second place in terms of popularity among investors. A monument full of rich history such as Riehmers Hofgarten is a unique entity and offers a historic and unique opportunity for investment in a property.

This is an opportunity to invest in a genuine architectural icon from the Wilhelmine era. Due to the uniqueness of this location, Riehmers Hofgarten occupies a special position in the market.

Penthouse new construction

Exceptional penthouse apartments above the rooftops of Kreuzberg

In recent years, Berlin has experienced a great upturn in almost all areas. Both time-honoured and brand new companies are flourishing here, and they bring with them a unique business and cultural landscape that is second to none in Europe. At the same time, new residential buildings are being built in the city and older buildings are being renovated in order to create a home for the growing population.

Quality of life and retreat in the middle of the big city are values that apply just as much today as they did over 100 years ago. The historical and unique cultural monument that is Riehmers Hofgarten now also houses a number of exclusive apartments, the likes of which are not to be found anywhere else when it comes to location, style and facilities. These involve five spacious, luxurious penthouse apartments, the crowning glory of one of the city's most historic buildings.

The crowning glory of a beautiful classic building in the middle of Berlin

Riehmers Hofgarten is a residential ensemble that was created more than 100 years ago as a revolutionary construction project. With this residential complex, the Berlin architect Wilhelm Riehmer fulfilled his dream of an inner-city refuge featuring a level of comfort that was even then without equal. To this day, the magnificent buildings remain a cultural and architectural landmark and allow their inhabitants to retreat from the big city environment to an oasis of peace and seclusion in the heart of Kreuzberg. With the newly-built penthouse apartments, this already dreamlike ensemble is now embellished with even greater elegance and exclusivity. The opulent penthouse apartments literally tower above the Hofgarten complex and the entire district. The view alone from the high-end, encircling terraces is unique and allows a feeling of space and openness in the middle of the city.

Buy a new apartment in Berlin now and live in luxury

The five new attic apartments have been carefully integrated into the existing historical ensemble and are in perfect harmony with the floors below. Nevertheless, these exclusive penthouse apartments form a special feature of Riehmers Hofgarten, both visually and in terms of facilities, profile and size. Planned and designed by the renowned architect Fabian Freytag, buyers can fulfil any wish they dare to dream of in terms of an idyllic life in the middle of the big city and they can even get involved in designing the floor plan themselves. The large, encircling roof terraces, which have been consciously perched atop Riehmers Hofgarten, create private areas of relaxation that are unparalleled in Berlin.

Buy a penthouse apartment and experience Berlin up close

You can really feel the uniqueness of Riehmers Hofgarten’s location and the aura created by the historical reconstruction of the exterior and the redesign of the magnificent courtyard garden. The combination of ornate façades and archways and the modernity of the newly-designed penthouse apartments offer an incomparable and unique quality of living. Even in his time, at the end of 19th century, Riehmer wanted to people in the middle of the city to have a place they could call home; a place where they could forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The inhabitants of Riehmers Hofgarten still benefit from this idea today. In the heart of Berlin, in the trendy Kreuzberg district, the new penthouse apartments offer an opportunity to completely decouple from the metropolis of Berlin and to simply relax.

The rich and libertarian cultural life of Berlin-Kreuzberg is to be found right outside the gates of the peaceful and idyllic Hofgarten complex. It is only a few minutes to your favourite restaurant, or the nearest theatre or cinema. Victoria Park with Berlin's only waterfall, the famous Landwehr Canal or the extensive Tempelhofer Feld are also not far away.

Commercial property

Riehmers Hofgarten – an oasis of calm in the heart of Kreuzberg

Riehmers Hofgarten is one of the 100 most important buildings in Berlin and a listed neighbourhood occupying a special position in Berlin’s cultural landscape. At the end of the 19th century, an ensemble of buildings was created in Berlin-Kreuzberg that was far ahead of its time. Despite the resistance put up by the authorities, the visionary architect Wilhelm Riehmer created an oasis of peace and comfort in a city, which was otherwise characterised by narrow and functional tenements. This is what Riehmers Hofgarten still stands for today and these values are just as important now as they were more than 100 years ago. The opulent archways and the ornate wrought-iron gates, through which you enter the courtyard garden with its private streets, provide initial shielding from the hustle and bustle of the city. This cultural asset exudes a special architectural and residential quality that captivates its visitors while being only a few metres away from the excitement of Kreuzberg and the colourful goings-on on the streets. An impressive place of absolute peace and relaxation in the heart of the capital. Purchasing a commercial property in Riehmers Hofgarten is a unique opportunity to benefit from this historic and venerable aura.

High-quality business premises in a prime location

Riehmers Hofgarten is home to rented apartments in the older buildings that are available as investments, meticulously and elaborately renovated empty apartments of various sizes and commercial units in an absolutely top-notch location. Offered in various sizes, these are suitable for medical practices, law firms or agency rooms and convey the highest sense of exclusivity to customers and clients. A prestigious address in Riehmers Hofgarten in the middle of the trendy Kreuzberg district will always appeal to upmarket clientèle. Companies that set up here give a breathtaking impression to their customers, clients and patients even before they enter the premises. Visitors entering the green courtyard garden for the first time often stand in amazement and let the architecture and tranquillity of the place affect them.

Commercial properties in Kreuzberg – the best location in the city centre

This neo-baroque jewel in the heart of Kreuzberg is considered to be both an architectural icon and a model for the city’s modern residential areas. Nestled between Yorckstraße, Grossbeerenstraße and Hagelberger Straße, in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg, Riehmers Hofgarten is ideally connected and can be easily reached by either car or public transport and it is easy to get to the city's main hotspots, such as the Potsdamer Platz, the Alexanderplatz or the Kurfürstendamm. The combination of a city centre location and an exclusive, unique setting forms the perfect basis for a business premises meeting the highest of demands.